• Georgina Njenga says her steamy video was leaked by a guy she liked.

• He was a student at KU university,Ruiru Campus.

Georgina Njenga, wife to former Machachari Actor Tyler Mbaya aka Baha is trending across Kenyan social media, after her nude video and photos were leaked online on Telegram. Georgina is said to have been entertaining her side guy, who’s name is Dan, the person suspected to have leaked the video. Georgina is seen dancing naked and exposing her private parts in the bedroom. Andrew Kibe had prophesied that Georgina will expose herself more to Kenyans.

Sexual Fetishes: Find out which customers are most looking for

Sexual fetishes and fantasies are part of every human being who has an active sex life, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. It is common that men are the ones who most seek to fulfill their desires and often seek sex professionals for this, and as I always say, whoever is in this business needs to have an open mind to listen and try to understand them.

Curious? Keep reading this post and I’ll tell you everything I’ve learned in these years working as an escort.

Which is:

First, it is important that a companion knows that fetish is different from fantasy. Fetish is an incessant desire for an inanimate object or body parts, a more common example of this is the podolatra, one who has foot fetishes. There are levels in this podolatra environment, there are men who just have a common desire, as there are others who are obsessed with little feet of all kinds.

Fantasy is something more related to places or people. For example, who never imagined having sex in public places or with a teacher or professor? Unlike the fetish, the fantasy once realized, the sexual curiosity ends, since the fetish is something constant, always being a reason for desires.

At the beginning of the escort profession, it is normal for many people to be surprised when they hear of a client who wants to be urinated, trampled or spat on. The first time I heard from the person on the other end of the phone who wanted to get his balls kicked, I almost had a fit of laughter, but maintaining a professional demeanor is very important.

Types of Fetishes Most Wanted by Customers

I have separated a list of the most researched fetishes according to my experience and their meanings. Come on?

Below is a list of the most wanted fetishes and what they mean:

Golden shower or Golden shower – it’s among the most requested, for sure! It consists of urinating on the other person.
Brown rain – consists of defecating on the other.
Anal sex – yes, it’s a fetish, there are men who only get there with penetration of the anus.
Podolatry – cravings to lick, suck and smell feet.
Inversion – when the man feels pleasure in being penetrated by a woman with a prosthesis, that is, a rubber penis fitted in an accessory similar to a strap. It is important to understand that the man enjoying this type of penetration does not mean that he is homosexual, as they are two different things.
Domination – a category that is within BDSM (bondage, discipline, domination, sadomasochism and masochism), is when the person likes to be dominated. The profile of men who seek this fetish are those who play leadership roles in their work, but behind closed doors, they really like being dominated and they will look for companions with this dominating profile.
Lingerie – there are men who may ask to smell your panties after you spend all day with them and others who will ask you to wear their lingerie.
Voyeurism – when the person likes to observe other people in the sexual act. It is also normal for some clients to hire a couple of escorts to see them having sex or for the escort to invite another man.

Which fetishes you shouldn’t accept

Now that you know which are the most popular fetishes, let’s talk about the ones you shouldn’t accept.

My main tip is: if you don’t feel like experimenting or it will go against your principles, don’t do it. Particularly, for example, I would never make brown rain, it is something that is beyond my limits. Never accept to exceed your values ​​for any amount of money, because this can lead to psychological trauma and the price to pay may be greater than what you received.

How to refuse a fetish proposal?

Many escorts, when they find a fetish request strange, can get irritated and end up being rude to the potential customer. I think putting yourself in the other’s shoes to try to understand their desires is always the best way, imagine asking something so intimate to someone you don’t know yet, it can be embarrassing.

Be polite when refusing, you can just say something like “I understand you, but it’s not something I would feel comfortable doing” or “It’s not something I can help”. Customers like to know that you’re not doing it just for the money, so when we escorts say we wouldn’t do it because we don’t feel comfortable doing something, he feels even more credible, because he realizes that the escort respects you and him.

How to differentiate a serious fetish proposal from a “core” proposal

If you haven’t heard the term “lump” in this industry, you’re probably still new to the profession. Lump are those men who never schedule a date and just hang out with small talk. They ask for photos, question the value, ask a thousand and one questions and say that next week they will get in touch to make an appointment.

A serious fetish proposal is one in which the person on the other end is objective, asks if you have already performed with someone or are interested, values, available days and anything else necessary for this job. Any conversation beyond that and things like: I’m imagining you doing this or that, get away with it.

Understand that…
Sometimes we don’t believe what we hear or read, but sexual desire is something very intimate, so if someone comes to you to fulfill one, understand that some trust was placed in you to make it happen, so even if you don’t feel the slightest desire to do it, always respect other people’s fetishes and desires.

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